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RV River Kwai
an inland water class vessel


Length:   120 ft / 36 m
Beam: 25 ft / 7.6m
Draft: 3ft / 90cm
Air Draft: 11.5ft / 3.5m
Tonnage: 155.69 tons
Engines: 2 x 200 hp Hino engines with inboard propulsion; propellers have 4 blades, 3ft diameter
Speed: 8 knots cruising
Power : 1 x 75kva Caterpillar (recon) genset, 1 x 20 kva port/emergency genset, shore lines to bases on river.
Cabins: 10 deluxe staterooms of 3m x 4m with own shower, water closet, air-conditioned, mini safes, etc.
Public Space: Upper deck is open plan with dining, bar and seating areas covered by a collapsible frame awning to enable vessel to pass under low bridges
Water Supply: Water tanks
Sewage: Holding tanks to pump out to on shore septic facility
Communication: Thai GSM cellular, FM Radios, PA system, tannoy
Safety: Smoke detectors in all cabins, emergency lighting and generator, fire extinguishers, pumps and hoses, life jackets for all pax, life rafts, ship’s motorized tugboat
Navigation: Ship’s horn, searchlights, Garmin GPS (Global Positioning System)
Amenities: Fully equipped kitchen, refrigeration units
Crew: Thai crews plus foreign cruise director.